Gopher Promotions CC Started its Operation at around 16h05 on the 23rd October 2003 in Johannesburg South Africa (I believe it’s this attention to Detail that got us to this point 15 years later)l. I would like to Tell you Deon van Deventer and Myself (Daniel Jenner) carefully devised a Business Plan for Months, planned our strategy efficiently and saved up the various capital needed to start a New venture. However that would be Lie.

We would also like to tell you we had experience in the Promotional industry and at Least knew what we were talking about. But that too would be deceiving you.

Yes Both Deon and myself had heaps of experience in management and Operations in the Health and Fitness and Design/advertising industries but by No means was Gopher a Planned venture.

We knew enough to be Dangerous (even though we didn’t know what a Lanyard was at the time, quite amusing considering the fact that this was Gophers No 00000000001 sale). We also knew that the Promotional Industry in South Africa was made up of Thousands of very small 1 man fly by night, just doing it for fun, bored housewife type of companies. We already had the advantage… I mean there were 2 of Us.

The segregation in the industry was split between these Fly by Nights and the Various 1 Dimensional branding companies. We believed that if we could offer the Service and focus the industry deserved we could close this gap and develop a 1 stop shop where all facets of our Industry could be covered professionally, swiftly, cost effectively under just 1 roof.

Ok I’m lying again, I would have loved to believe that 15 years later we would have a hardworking team of over 50

Gophers, doing all our own in-house embroidery, Silk screening, Pad printing and finishing. But alas, Here we are, 2017, Gopher Enterprises comprises of a “Never say can’t” fully Fledged Branding factory, an operations department that definitely could “organize a P#ss up in a brewery”, a Friendly and Super efficient sales Team that “could (and would) sell you ice in winter”, and a Free thinking design Team that can give you more than just a “Copyright” symbol as your logo. (Colour changes are available here)

OK.. so here is where it gets interesting. Gopher Enterprises USA opened 2016. Deon decided that the USA market is bigger and better..

Gopher Enterprises LLC is now open for business, and rearing to build a brand that is associated with quality, on-time, and cost effective products and services uniquely geared to your specific needs