Invisible Marketing

Jul 30

What is Invisible Marketing Invisible Marketing is the placing your brand in front of people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Here comes the art...  they do not get offended, but actually t...

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Never Lose your Swagger

May 25

Yeah.. it happens..  just when you are on the up and up, something happens that pulls you back down again..  just as you are developing that new idea, that new concept or new project, it get...

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Low Budgets with HIGH Returns

Apr 26

Coca-Cola has a mission.  Every One on Earth must see their logo or product at least once per day.  If you think that comes cheap, you are seriously mistaken.  It is very expensive to g...

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First Impressions that Last

Apr 04

First impressions last?  Or is it Lasting impressions last?   You have all read the literature..  first impressions do last..  they are the ones that gets you in the door, and ma...

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Picking the right gift

Sep 27, 2017

So, here is a question… How do I get the MOST out of my Marketing Budget? The answer is quite simple..  By incorporating a Promotional Gift into the Marketing Mix, I can increase my Effic...

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